January 31, 2022 Dennis Enarson
Show Notes

I can’t say enough good things about Steve Crandall, He has inspired multiple generations with his selfless stoke and humble approach to being a BMX icon. Crandall's stoke is infectious, just being around him will spark something in your mind to keep pushing forward to be your best self. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get the chance to meet and hang with the Cran-man. Now sit back, hit play, and enjoy this 3hr podcast with Steve Crandall.

00:10 - Intros / New Studio?
01:10 - Road Trip Painting / Drop In Coffee
02:20 - Trip to San Diego
08:30 - Infinite potential / life lesson
09:30 - Early days
12:00 - Growing up in New York style upbringing
13:45 - FBM End of an era / Stuck on an island
21:52 - Money Vs memories
25:47 - Fire, Beer, Mayhem…Fat Bald Men
31:34 - Albert St
41:25 - BMX was all connected
59:00 - Keeping the stoke as a life long BMX’er
1:09:00 - Mike Tag and BMX changing
1:21:00 - Quitting drinking cold turkey
1:26:40 - Peak FBM
1:43:10 - "Anything is possible but you got to work for it” - Steve
1:44:15 - Circling back to FBM / Sacrifices
2:04:30 - Rad Share and staying involved in BMX
2:16:00 - Rumble in Richmond / Julian Molina
2:27:20 - Radshare gaining traction and still grass roots
2:33:25 - Artwork and Drop in Coffee
2:42:26 - Words of encouragement
2:47:24 - Crandall's book with Matt Copeland
2:57:30 - BMX continues to surprise us…no rules

Steve Crandall
Drop In Coffee
Ryan Fudger
Demarcus Paul
Unclicked Podcast

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