BRAD SIMMS - UNCLICKED [what happened with Fit Bike Co]

June 01, 2021 Dennis Enarson Season 2 Episode 21
BRAD SIMMS - UNCLICKED [what happened with Fit Bike Co]
Show Notes

Pick up the Unclicked / Traction Coffee collab! $5 from every bag goes toward paying travel expenses for a special guest—voted by you guys—to come do the show... Leave a comment with some suggestions.

A bit of a special episode. I received a few calls/emails from industry folk and riders after Chris Moeller's polarizing episode, but Brad in particular had the most to say. In the end, the only real solution was to have Brad fly out and sit down to discuss his side of the story...

0:00 - Intro / Traction Coffee plug
1:25 - @instagram’s Instagram
9:20 - The bone that magically un-broke itself
17:01 - Brad’s side of the Fit/Moeller podcast
1:05:05 - Turning down an Energy Drink deal in 2021
1:08:08 - 20 Million Gorditas from Taco Bell
1:10:10 - “I’ll never ride for another BMX frame company”
1:19:43 - The adidas/fiveten deal
1:31:40 - Living wage and BMX

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