April 19, 2021 Dennis Enarson Season 2 Episode 18
Show Notes

Pick up the Unclicked / Traction Coffee collab! $5 from every bag goes toward paying travel expenses for a special guest to come do the show... 

Ryan Nyquist was in my house. Obviously you guys all realize that I love Nyquist. He's the ultimate ambassador for BMX on pretty much every level annnnnd he's factually just a good human. Ryan was in town to fulfill his duties as Freestyle BMX Olympic Coach, but squeezed some time to come hang out with Dennis and I. Two full hours blew by as we ran through some Olympic talk and venturing into Mirra/Golden days stuff. We really only scratched the surface with Nyquist, so expect a part two next time he's in town... 

0:00 - Traction Coffee Plug
4:00 - What are the Olympics and are they happening?
16:50 - “Is it weird to coach the guys you compete against?”
25:40 - “I used to pay Rob Darden every time I did a powerball”
36:20 - Making sure BMX is represented properly in the Olympics
39:40 - The best riders not being in the Olympics
49:01 - Six figure multi-year deals. 
1:01:00 - The evolution of his relationship with Haro
1:03:10 - Miracle Boy & Nyquist
1:09:30 - The blue goatee
1:14:15 - Falling out, reconciliation, and passing of Dave Mirra
1:47:50 - “My days of trying to win a contest are done.”
1:59:45 - Chose one/lose one: farts or barspins