March 08, 2021 Dennis Enarson Season 2 Episode 14
Show Notes

When a text turns into a team trip. Sean Burns may be the most interesting dude in BMX in general and the life-altering accident he went through nearly a year ago only adds to his legacy... Dennis and I were beyond thrilled that Sean was willing to turn a podcast into bringing the whole Bone Deth team to San Diego. It's awesome to see Sean making a recovery from what would have killed the rest of us.

0:00 - Intro / why is Burns in San Diego?
4:13 - Origins of Bone Deth
7:40 - Breaking his Back
25:10 - Is Sean actually weird?
31:40 - Growing up in a police family
34:00 - Directing films/moving back to Boston
39:00 - “The art of roof riding”
49:31 - Post-injury riding level
56:00 - Rehashing the old Hoder/Thorne drama
1:00:30 - The scariest stuff Sean has ever done
1:19:35 - Getting swine flu (and filming anthem)
1:22:21 - Obligatory Metal Bikes/Jimmy Levan conversation
1:29:04 - Motivation behind Bone Deth
1:32:30 - “The murder guy”
1:36:13 - Sean Burns eats road kill
1:40:08 - Homophobia/politics/misogyny in BMX
1:48:00 - Slime/action movies/porn stars
1:53:50 - We run through Ryan’s favorite clips

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