February 01, 2021 Dennis Enarson Season 2 Episode 10
Show Notes

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Fresh off a podium in Brazil, another in Houston, and the drop of the fourth installment of his Dreamyard series, Pat Casey sits down with Dennis and myself and we go down a hell of a path...the table of contest will give you more than a clue. 

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0:00 - Intro & the status of Pat’s abs
5:55 - Shitting himself at X Games 
11:20 - Choking out Kyle Baldock (also at X Games)
17:10 - Riding an event in Brazil during the pandemic
21:20 - How covid made Dreamyard 4 happen
28:15 - The battle for a banger
32:40 - The editing in Dreamyard 4
38:55 - The unseen version of Dreamyard 3
45:55 - Getting narc’d on to the city
52:30 - What it’s like being Reid Casey’s father
1:04:40 - The reason Pat got kicked off Haro (maybe)
1:09:40 - Riding for Mongoose Bikes
1:18:43 - Setting himself on fire
1:28:42 - Does having a family add pressure at events?
1:31:50 - Judging (and misjudging)  at events
1:42:20 - Pat’s unclicked turndown is gonna be the new logo/wrap up