December 14, 2020 Dennis Enarson Season 2 Episode 12
Show Notes

Since the "rebirth" of Unclicked, Dennis and I have discussed that we didn't just want to interview top pros. We want to welcome industry people who make it work behind the scenes or truly interesting people who are paving their own path... Well, Kohl Denney definitely falls into the latter. Kohl has been posting clips riding, umm, everything from his old fridge to his bbq to his own car. And he's been gaining a much deserved cult-following because what he does is truly entertaining. And really, that's only one part of his story...

0:00 - intro/dad life
2:10 - “I’ve been rad for a long time, people just started finding out
7:30 - Growing up in the “Texas of San Diego”
11:50 - Motocross/Spending four months in the hospital
17:30 - How BMX got him out of his rut
21:40 - Kohl has never had a bike sponsor
25:40 - Running through Kohl’s insta clips
46:20 - Metal Mulisha/getting back in to moto
49:15 - MX Quarterpipe/Getting shunned by X Games
1:03:30 - Tangent: BMX Trick names
1:07:10 - A full feature movie called “Bako”
1:12:00 - Breeding the next generation of rippers
1:18:00 - Judging and gatekeepers in BMX
1:28:00 - Forging his own path/wrap up