April 18, 2023 Dennis Enarson Season 3 Episode 18
Show Notes

Jordan Godwin is in the Unclicked studio today. Jordan is a BMX rider, filmer, Editor, business owner, and overall a really good dude. He can Hard 360 out of anything and when you watch a Jordan Godwin section, make sure you pay extra attention to his stance. He can do just about anything left and right foot forward. Dennis is sick so we also have Kevin Peraza guest hosting this episode. Grant Castelluzzo and Dan Kruk are also in the house! So hurry up and try not to break Grant’s fisheye on the way to the play button

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0:00 - Intro Jordan Godwin, Grant Castelluzzo, and Dan Kruk. (Off camera)
1:15 - Filming a project in a month / Wales
17:10 - Getting good, fast / Sponsored
 28:50 - DOOMED / Filming
47:30 - Injuries / Etnies
59:00 - U.S / CA
1:07:00 - Status Spots
1:16:00 - Monster / Riding contests
1:33:30 - Hard 360s / Switch footed tricks
1:50:00 - Felix / Rich
2:12:30 - Wrap up

Jordan Godwin 'live from Undy' - Etnies x Dig BMX
 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDdDKuRxyWM

DOOMED - https://www.instagram.com/doomedbrand/?hl=en

Jordan Godwin - https://www.instagram.com/jordangoooooodwin/?hl=en
Grant Castelluzzo - https://www.instagram.com/grantcbmx/?hl=en
Dan Kruk - https://www.instagram.com/dankruk/?hl=en

Host and Guest host:
Ryan Fudger - https://www.instagram.com/fyanrudger/
Kevin Peraza - https://www.instagram.com/kevinperaza/?hl=en

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