April 11, 2023 Dennis Enarson Season 3 Episode 17
Show Notes

We’ve got one of the most exciting riders on two wheels in the Unclicked Studio today… Ryan Williams! His talents extend further than riding BMX. He is a professional Scooter rider, Youtuber, and king of the Nitro Circus. He’s also known for bringing some of the wildest new tricks to the BMX scene. If you’re unfamiliar with Ryan, Here’s your chance to familiarize yourself with one awesome human.

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0:00 - Intro The most famous person on two wheels…RYAN WILLIAMS
4:45 - What came first? The Scooter or the BMX bike?
23:00 - 11 years with Nitro Circus / Getting a high five from Travis Pastrana
37:00 - Scooter tricks on a BMX bike / Progression riding BMX
1:01:00 - forward bike flip / Mega Ramp / X-Games
1:42:00 - Taking off as a BMX rider, What’s happening on the Scooter side?
1:52:00 - Ryan Williams Compound / RWillyLand / Businessman
2:15:00 - Triple Challenge expectations / Special Twist
2:28:00 - “I try a trick…I have to land it, or I have to die”
2:33:00 - Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@RyanWilliamsofficial
2:41:00 - BMX / accomplishments

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